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Autism Care Norway Nepal

Background story

While sitting in a cafe in Kathmandu in December 2011, an article about the situation of autistic people in Nepal caught my attention. It took less than two minutes for me to understand that there are significant differences between being autistic in Europe and Nepal.
Since then I have tried to raise awareness and financial support as an individual.
By founding the organization Autism Care Norway Nepal I wish to establish an official platform to support and coordinate projects which are meant to alleviate the hardship autistic people, their families and those working with them face in everyday life. 

Best regards
Gerda Maria Pauler

Autism Care Norway Nepal (ACNN), a non-profit, registered organization in Norway, was founded in 2014 by a small group of friends.

ACNN focuses on supporting:Nepalese organizations that actively work with autistic children, youth and adults. Financial help to will be given to:

  • implement awareness campaigns in Nepal
  • run education programs for parents of autistic children, staff members         at schools, institutions and health personnel.
  • finance relevant equipment

Furthermore, Autism Care Norway Nepal`s philosophy CC - Competence Counts offers specialists in the field of autism travelling to Nepal a platform to share their knowledge with local organizations.

                                               Autism Care Norway Nepal: Organisasjonsnummer 913 699 963