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Ongoing Projects

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Good news from Autism Care Nepal Society, our friends in Kathmandu
After having rented two buildings to run a pre-school, a school, a vocational unit, courses and consultation groups they are about to purchase a plot of land to build their own centre in Kathmandu.
Over the years they have saved up donations from all over the world; about 60,000  US Dollar.
Still, 35,000 US Dollar are necessary to make their dream come true.
Let`s help them to reach their aim by donating to a buy a brick campaign.

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PARENT CHILD TEACHING PROGRAM (offered by Autism Care Nepal Society)

Teaching and training a child with ASD is a challenging task, and the best results can be achieved only when parents know how to deal with the big range of problems ASD entails.

Due to striking poverty in Nepal, many families cannot afford to pay (approximately) 80 US Dollar for a PCTP.. Autism Care Norway Nepal will finance 3-month courses  for underprivileged families.

The training (based on TEACCH) will include:

  • Teaching principles and strategies based on the learning characteristics of individuals with ASD,    including strengths in visual information processing, and difficulties with social communication,          attention and executive function.

  1. External organizational supports to address challenges with attention and executive function
  • Visual and/or written information to supplement verbal communication. 
  • Structured support for social communication

For detailed information about the PCTP click here.

Educational film about autism (planned by Autism Care Nepal)

Still, illiteracy is very high in Nepal, and written information may not reach the people who need help in their daily struggle with the hardships autism entails.
Film is probably the strongest media in Nepal, and therefor autism care norway nepal decided to finance 90 % of a 30 min movie that, on the one hand, shows how people affected by autism perceive their surroundings (animation), and on the other, how professional help and therapy can alleviate the hardships and make life less stressful (interviews with parents and caretakers).

The stipulated costs are about 10,000 Euro, but in case we find a film or design school that takes on the challenging topic the costs can be reduced by at least 50 %.